"Leading the charge to protect all area food trucks is the DMV Food Truck Association."

--Capitol File
“Perhaps the strongest expression of mobile food vending hasn’t been made on the sidewalks of Farragut Square, but in the corridors of the John A. Wilson Building. Food Trucks are now a lobbying force to with which D.C. officials must reckon.”
“Food trucks are growing more savy and sophisticated in their approach to regulatory threats.”
--City Paper


We exist to enrich and promote the food truck industry by serving our members and engaging the community.


Since 2010 the DMV Food Truck Association has been fighting for food truck small businesses. 

Founded by 17 owner-operators who defeated a proposed food truck moratorium in DC, the FTA has quickly grown into one of the largest food truck associations in the country. In 2013 the FTA led the Save DC Food Trucks campaign that defeated a proposal to shut out food trucks from most of downtown. Since then the FTA has been at the forefront of removing obstacles to vending and promoting mobile entrepreneurship across the Washington metropolitan area, working to pass new food truck laws in the City of Alexandria as well as in Fairfax, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. In 2015 the FTA successfully worked to lift a statewide ban that prohibited food trucks on state-maintained roads and streets in Virginia. 

At the same time the FTA has championed vendor education and professional development and produces the Capital City Food Truck Convention, the only food truck conference and trade show in the Atlantic region. The FTA organizes some of the region’s most popular food truck events including its annual signature festival Curbside Cookoff. 

Today the FTA represents more than 100 food truck small businesses across the DMV and totals more than 16,000 supporters.  

The FTA is a proud supporter of Children’s Charities, DC Central Kitchen, Miriam’s Kitchen, Mid-County United Ministries, and No Kid Hungry. The FTA is a 501 (c) 6 trade association. 


The FTA launched a contest in February 2014 to design a new association logo. The winning entry came from food truck supporter Peter Dovak, a 27-year-old project director at a DC venture capital company.

The logo was one of many new things introduced in 2014 heralding a new era for the FTA, which had previously been known as the DC Food Trucks Association and Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington. The new logo accompanied the hiring of the association’s first paid executive director, expanded mission and regional growth. 

Peter was awarded a free lunch from every FTA food truck for his design.

“I moved to Washington from Louisville, Kentucky in 2011, and before then I had never seen a food truck,” Peter said. “My office is smack between two popular food truck spots, Franklin Park and Metro Center, so I was introduced to them immediately and fell in love just as quickly.”

The logo features the colors of the DC, Maryland and Virginia flags. The food truck’s bumpers and wheels popping out from the square shape express mobility — one of the industry’s fundamental tenets — and the fork and spoon convey the cuisine that is central to the industry's success. The star pays homage to the association's original logo.


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