Food truck regulations

Food trucks are incubators and job creators for the community. Learn more about what it takes to start vending in the DMV area. 

DMV FTA is here for you

It is your source for information about regulations, permitting and licensing in the jurisdictions in the DMV area.

Use this information as a guide 

This information is meant only as a guide as you consider opening up a food truck or beginning to vend in a new jurisdiction. Use the information as a starting point when comparing different jurisdictions in terms of fees and forms.

Don't stop here

On each of the pages, there is a link to the main website for each city/county so you can have easy access to more information. Contact or visit the local offices to make sure you have all the information needed to start vending!

Reach out

If this information isn't enough and you want to chat, send an email to with any questions about the process.

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